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Headwaters Woodworking

Sawyer Farmhouse Table

Sawyer Farmhouse Table

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Introducing the dramatic handmade Sawyer Farmhouse Table, this table will be a focal point in your home forever.  This is a perfect combination of dramatic grain patterns with timeless craftsman angles.

The Details: 

  • Beautifully grained and finished with 3 coats of lacquer. We guarantee the smoothest table top you've ever owned.
  • Available in multiple stain and paint choices.
  • Available in clean or distressed finishes.
  • Available with a Pine, Oak, or Walnut. (PICTURED IN OAK)
  • Here is a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each:
    • PINE- Pine is incredibly beautiful when finished and also inexpensive. The major drawback with pine is that it is a soft wood. If you drop a hammer on it, it will leave a dent in the wood. Many customers actually love this however, as your table ages with you and your family. You have memories tied to the dings and scratches on the table.
    • OAK- Oak is a premium hardwood that is both incredibly beautiful and durable. If you purchase an Oak table it truly is an heirloom piece. Your grand children will have it one day when you're gone. Incredibly solid, it will only wear gently over the generations. The only drawback is that it is a premium hardwood making it more costly upfront.
    • Walnut - Walnut is the most elegant and high-quality hardwood in America. This makes it once of the most eye-catching pieces in your home as it will draw attention and also be very durable and resistant to wear. A walnut table will be in your family for generations. The only drawback is since it is the most premium hardwood in America it will be the most expensive. Walnut is also not stained, but comes only in a natural finish.
  • Available in 6 inch increments from 5-10 feet in length. 
  • Seats 6-10 people depending upon size. Below is a great rule of thumb to judge seating options based on size:
    • 5-6 ft table - up to 6 people comfortably
    • 7-8 ft table - up to 8 people comfortably
    • 9-10 ft table - up to 10 people comfortably
  • Available for local pickup or delivery in Colorado and neighboring states. See our FAQ's page for more information about delivery

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Note: All tables are handcrafted with real hardwood with no two pieces being the same. There will be knots, distressed points, and uniqueness in all pieces. You're going to love it.  

We want to talk to you about any questions you may have. Please send us a message on Facebook @headwaterswoodworking or Give us a call at (720-526-2417). Also, please leave us notes at checkout including your phone number. We want to reach out and make sure we understand exactly what you want so we can create your perfect piece. 

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