Product Care and Durability


Oil-based Lacquer is a great finish for solid wood furniture. It's hard, durable, and scratch resistant. Lacquer is also very old and has been around for centuries, it's a tried-and-true method for protecting wood surfaces. We apply this by spraying 3-4 coats and sanding between each coat to create a near flawless finish.

Let's be honest - dining room tables take a beating, especially with younger kids. We eat, play, and do homework all around the table and you need something that stands up to the test - our lacquer is what you need.

Here a few of our favorite things about oil-based lacquer:

1. You don't have to use coasters. You can leave a glass of ice water on the table in the summer and the condensation won't leave a water ring.

2. Spills wipe right up. Some finishes used on less durable tables would need to be stripped if you spilled something like lemonade spilled on them. 

3. The oil-based lacquer doesn't need to be reapplied and won't dry out over time like.

4. Oil-based lacquer will need a hot pad or trivet for something hot. You can discolor your top if you leave a hot pan or tray on it for several minutes. You can damage it if you spill something chemically abrasive on it, like paint thinner or finger nail polish remover.


These tables are really durable and don't need much to keep them looking great. However, when it comes to cleaning, you don't want to use hard chemicals to regularly clean your table, as that may wear down the finish over the years. We recommend a wet rag or a wet soapy rag for cleaning - but you can use any cleaning product intended for wood surfaces or eco-friendly cleaners.

Oil-based lacquer seals the wood off from air and liquid, so it doesn't need furniture polish or hydrating oils that other open finishes do. In fact, using furniture polish or orange oil will begin to leave a chalky film on the surface if used too often.

If ever an accident happens and you drop a hammer, brick, or heavy, sharp object on the table and it breaks the finished surface, best thing to do is contact us and we can recommend things for you to do.

We use a satin/low sheen finish by default. We find this low sheen looks the best on real, solid wood furniture and is easier to keep clean and smudge free than higher gloss finishes.