Our Story


Our owner, Preston Brown, started Headwaters Woodworking in 2023 with the goal of creating authentic, solid wood furniture for families to enjoy for generations.

The inspiration for Headwaters Woodworking came when Preston realized that a legacy he could leave his son was a hand made dining table. This is where his family could grow together and care for each other, every day, year after year.

Beginning with a family dining table, Headwaters Woodworking was born.

       We exist for two reasons

1) To give families a reason to gather together each and every day, and slow down our busy lives to care for and support each other.

2) To give families a place to build a heritage and create a legacy that spans generations.

Headwaters symbolizes the term for "original source", which is why we believe that the source of a family's traditions start around sharing a meal, gathering around the table each and every day, for generations.